Grounding Monitor Atex IP66

Monitor electronic ground start, ideal for areas that may be present an explosive atmosphere, electrostatic discharge can trigger a fire or explosion. The transfer of flammable liquids is an operation in which these factors and essential protection mea..

Grounding Monitor Atex IP66 · Atex DelvalleAtex Delvalle


Grounding monitor Atex IP66 provides earthing for tankers during flammable liquids loading and unloading operations In hazardous areas. Its operation Is based on the reading of the resistive parameter to guarantee the earthing connection and to control tile pump during loading and unloading operations.

Grounding monitor Atex IP66 obtained standards which guaran­tees the ability of this system to perform Its safety function.

    • Voltages:
      AC 220V 50 / 60Hz
      Other voltages on request
    • Protection type:
    • Certificates:
      According to ATEX directive 94/9 / EC:
    • Protection mode:
      Ex II 2G EExd IIB T5 Ex II 2D IP-6x T 100
      Suitable for Zones 1, 2, 21 and 22.
    • Input / Output:
      3 x 3/4 * GK

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      Discover the advantages

      Body and cover In low copper content aluminium alloy.

      Stainless steel cover bolts.

      lnternal/external earth screw.

      Fixing lugs.

      Connecting clamp complete with 8 meters of cable.

      Selector insertion, red "stop" light and green "go" light.

      Internal electronic earthing system.

      Nickel·plated brass cable gland.

      Ral 7035 epoxy coating.


      • According to ATEX directive 94/9 / EC:


      • Loading and unloading of trucks carrying flammable liquids.

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      Grounding Monitor Atex IP66 · Atex Delvalle
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      • Drainage and ventilation valve
      Grounding Monitor Atex IP66 · Atex Delvalle


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