Ex Local Control & Distribution Boxes - CONTREX · Atex DelvalleAtex Delvalle
Atex Delvalle produces Ex local control stations,  Ex distribution boxes and hazardous area enclosures for use in atex &...
Ex Push Button station Contrex Series · Atex DelvalleAtex Delvalle
We manufacture Stainless steel Aisi 304 & Aisi 316L control station Atex control boxes. They are specially designed to perform...
Control Stations boxes · Atex DelvalleAtex Delvalle
Control devices and control units are assembled clearly in control stations Series Contrex. The enclosure is available in brush...
Plug and socket boxes CONNEX · Atex DelvalleAtex Delvalle
Atex Plug and socket boxes are designed specifically for cabinets in ATEX zonas 1, 2, 21 y 22, and temperature class T6/T5 areas....
Portable splitter box hazardous areas · Atex DelvalleAtex Delvalle
The Ex splitter box is designed for use in hazardous areas is  to get two or more sockets as outputs by one current input,...
AC Contactor  ATEX & IECEx · Atex DelvalleAtex Delvalle
The AC contactor ATEX & IECEx, is a device designed to control circuits or motor circuits which allow the operation or not...
BUTTON contrex GRP Atex Ex · Atex DelvalleAtex Delvalle
Polyester Control stations,  push buttons Atex 100% configurable keypad to suit you, with atex buttons, atex switches,...
EX Proof Limit switch · Atex DelvalleAtex Delvalle
The compact Ex proof limit switch is made of antistatic plastic alloy....
Ex Air Vent Plug Breather and Drainage Valves IP66 · Atex DelvalleAtex Delvalle
Ex Air Vent Plugs Automatic drainage and breather valves are suitable to be used on increased safety, intrinsically safety or...
Pushbuttons and Actuator Atex · Atex DelvalleAtex Delvalle
Select the model push and discover multiple options. Simple, double and bright push button, mushroom push, emergency mushroom...


Atex Control stations, explosion protected control units, distribution boxes made stainless steel Aisi 316L & AIsi 304L Atex Delvalle provides a custom build facility for hazardous area certified and Stainless Steel ATEX Certified Junction boxes and terminal enclosures. The explosion proof enclosure range has ATEX, IECEx, UL, certifications suitable for Zone 1, 2, 21 and 22 hazardous area applications. Delvalle Manufacture custom made (bespoke designs) Ex control stations and distribution boxes.

The atex terminal enclosures that we offer, the full customized range of Atex & IECEx junctions boxes.

Atex Delvalle control devices and control units are assembled clearly in control stations. the enclosure are available in brush finished stainless steel 14404 (aisi 316L) and 14307 (aisi 304L) the product range includes a wide range of enclosure sizes with diferent height. since there are so many enclosures convinations of componets atex, and IECEx. Every control stations is designed and custom made manufacture to order. The number of atex devices installed depends on the size of the control station as well as on the space requerid for built-in ex devices.

Delvalle is very conscious to any possible risks that may have nuclear power.
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Atex Delvalle is very sensitive to any possible risks that may have the facility ...
Dunkerque is a town that has been featured in several historical episodes....
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