Ex Control Stations & Atex Distribution Boxes · Atex DelvalleAtex Delvalle
Manufacture custom made: Ex (Atex) local control panel boards & stations, explosion Protected Control Units, distribution...
Ex Junction Boxes & Enclosures · Atex DelvalleAtex Delvalle
Atex Delvalle provides a custom made facility for hazardous area stainless steel Atex & IECEx Certified junction...
Hazardous Location Air Conditioners · Atex DelvalleAtex Delvalle
Hazardous location air conditioners Atex & IECEx. ...
Hazardous Plugs and Socket Boxes Atex · Atex DelvalleAtex Delvalle
Ex plug and socket boxes (enclosures) are designed specifically for cabinets in Atex or hazardous zones 1, 2, 21 y 22, and...
Explosion Motor Starters & Load Disconnect Switches · Atex DelvalleAtex Delvalle
Motrex Series large range of Ex switch disconnectors, direct online and motor starters, safe operation of motors, engines, and...
Atex Purge & Pressurized Panels · Atex DelvalleAtex Delvalle
We manufacture Custom made Pressurized control panels Ex, Gas & Dust. Several protection methods can be used when placing...
Workstation, HMI´s and Indicators Atex · Atex DelvalleAtex Delvalle
Designed for process control in hazardous areas. Control units for dangerous environments and hazardous areas. Save costs using...
IECEx Hazardous Area Electrical Enclosures · Atex Delvalle
Manufacture IECEx Hazardous área electrical Enclosures certified by international electrotechnical commission system for...
Ex Cable Glands · Atex DelvalleAtex Delvalle
Hazardous area Ex cable glands Atex & IECEx certified IP68 made by AtexDelvalle are used for passing, holding and compressing...

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INDUSTRY 4.0 - HMI CEPSA · Atex Delvalle
The Industry 4.0 concept corresponds to a new way of organizing the means of production. The...
Delvalle is very conscious to any possible risks that may have nuclear power.
Singapore FPSO’S · Atex Delvalle
Floating production, storage and Offloading-Tanker Oil Refinery
Several Drilling Platforms Oil & Gas Offshore
MILITARY PORTS · Atex Delvalle
Atex Delvalle is very sensitive to any possible risks that may have the facility ...
Dunkerque is a town that has been featured in several historical episodes....
PETROKEMYA · Atex Delvalle
Sabic Corporation is a leader in the petrochemical industry.
NORTH SEA · Atex Delvalle
Oil rigs North Sea.
PEMEX · Atex Delvalle
Petróleos Mexicanos is the biggest enterprise in Mexico and South America.
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