­The Port of Dunkerk is one of the most important in Europe and in use since the 11th century and in 2015 it received 6420 ships// 46.6 million tons of goods// 3.1 million passengers.

The port in operation since the 11th century is one of the most important ports not only in France but in Europe as a whole with more than 3 million passengers and 46.6 million tons of cargo parring through it.

It´s 17 kms long on a site of 7000 hectares, 4000 used and 3000 empty. The area is divided up according to its use with petrochemical, road cargo traffic and a new liquid gas terminal (GNL) under construction.

We are suppliers of electrical cabinets for Dunkerk port

Our cabinets must be rust proof and certified under Atex rulings. Sealed cabinets, thermally self-regulating manufactured in 316 stainless steel recommended for marine sites. We also provide the accessories to increase m maneuverability such as quick release hooks, tanks and cabinets for cranes, control panel desks, cabinets for hydraulic machinery, gangways and socking monitors.

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