Atex Push Buttons GRP

Contrex Series IP66

Polyester control stations, push buttons Atex 100% configurable keypad to suit you, with Atex buttons, switches, mushroom, voltmeter, ammeter, bright and a multitude of possible combinations (custom made). 
Atex pendant made of GRP reinforced polyamide.

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Atex Push Buttons GRP · Atex DelvalleAtex Delvalle
Atex Push Buttons GRP · Atex DelvalleAtex Delvalle
Atex Push Buttons GRP · Atex DelvalleAtex Delvalle
Atex Push Buttons GRP · Atex DelvalleAtex Delvalle
Atex Push Buttons GRP · Atex DelvalleAtex Delvalle
Atex Push Buttons GRP · Atex DelvalleAtex Delvalle
Atex Push Buttons GRP · Atex DelvalleAtex Delvalle
Atex Push Buttons GRP · Atex DelvalleAtex Delvalle
Atex Push Buttons GRP · Atex DelvalleAtex Delvalle

This product has the following certificates

  • Logo Atex · Atex Delvalle
  • Logo CE · Atex Delvalle
  • Logo GOST R · Atex Delvalle
  • Logo IECEx · Atex Delvalle
  • Logo INMETRO · Atex Delvalle
  • Logo IP66 · Atex Delvalle
  • Logo UL NEMA 4X · Atex Delvalle


Atex button are specially designed to perform controls, maneuvers and as actuators in explosive atmospheres. It allows you to perform maneuvers and controls at the machine in hazardous areas and take programming and automation in a safe area.

Offering customers a great combination of choice and flexibility. Choose Atex button or component that best suits your control equipment: atex button, atex selector, atex mushrooms, atex switches, ammeters Atex,... and I will assemble with Atex certificate.

Order your boxes as maneuvers in 4 steps:
1- Choose box size given the maximum number of actuators.
2- Choose the necessary actuators, atex button, bright Atex, Atex mushroom, Atex voltmeter.
3- Indicate where to place each component.
4- Atex Delvalle gives the whole project and Atex certified.

Discover the advantages

Order your boxes as maneuvers in 4 steps:

1- Choose box size given the maximum number of actuators.
2- Choose the necessary actuators, atex button, bright ATEX, ATEX mushroom, atex voltmeter.
3- Indicate where to place each component.
4- Atex Delvalle gives the whole project and ATEX certified.


  • Certificates number:
    • IECEx CML 19.0087X
    • CML 19 ATEX 1302X
  • Type protection:
    • II2G Ex db eb (ia/ib) (mb) IIC T6, T5 Gb
    • II2D Ex tb IIIC T80ºC, T95ºC Db
    • Standard:
      • Directive 2014/34/EU
      • EN IEC 60079-0:2018
      • EN 60079-1:2014
      • EN IEC 60079-7:2015+A1:2018
      • IEC 60079-11:2012
      • IEC 60079-18:2015+A1:2017
      • IEC 60079-31:2014
    • Ambient temperature:
      • -40ºC to +55ºC


    Specially designed for the following areas where facilities require additional safety atex:
    - Oil & Gas.
    - Offshore & High sea.
    - Industry and automation.
    - Chemical and refineries.
    - Pharmaceutical.
    - Maritime and port.
    - Fieldstations.
    - Food & Beverage.
    - Paper industry.
    - Air transport.
    - Nuclear and renewable.

    Custom Made Solutions
    We offer multiple solutions

    Atex Push Buttons GRP · Atex Delvalle
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