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Stainless Steel Enclosures for Hazadours Areas

Atex Delvalle stainless steel Ex enclosures for harsh & corrosion environments in Hazardous Areas made in AISI 316l stainless steel – making them ideal for harsh environment applications. These wash-down friendly, corrosion resistant enclosures maintain

Air conditioning Atex

Delvalle offers a range of air conditioning Atex, AIRATEX, certification Atex & IECEx. Air conditioning Atex has Explosion-Proof Electrical Equipment for use in Hazardous (classified) Locations Zone 1 & 2 and designed for purged

Grounding monitor Groundex Serie

Grounding monitor Groundex Serie, ideal for areas that may be present an explosive atmosphere, electrostatic discharge can trigger a fire or explosion. The transfer of flammable liquids is an operation in which these factors

Workstation Atex PCEX

Workstation Atex from Delvalle, PCEX series, with remote monitor. Devices installation in zone 1, 21, 2 and 22. Conditions in processing plants can be extremely problematic. Industrial monitors can be subject to moisture and

Control Equipment Atex

Delvalle presents a new series of Control Equipment Atex, Contrex series and panelex series, Thanks to our experence in the Atex world and Directive 94/9/CE. Atex Delvalle produces local Control Equipment Atex and distribution boxes and

Atex LED Lighting

Delvalle presents his new range of products Atex LED lighting. All our products are designed and manufactured internally according to different methods of protection such as “Ex d” flameproof, “Ex e” increased safety, “Ex

Smartphone ATEX and IECEx from Delvalle

With the Smartphone ATEX, IECEx and Class 1 Zone 1, Delvalle unleashes the power of modern smartphones in explosive atmospheres. Take DIGITAL manuals right to the heart of maintenance operations, continously monitor the health of

Terminal Box, Terbox

The Terminal Box Geo Terbox line has been developed forinstallations in hazardous areas 1, 2, 21 and 22.Manufactured in 304L or 316L Stainless Steel, theyprove our commitment for functionality, design andsealing in our range

Pressurized and Purge enclosures Ex p

Pressurization is generally used for computers that can not be protected by other means, it is large to make it “flame proof” or a power too high to use “intrinsically safe”A wide range of

Walkies Talkies Atex IECEx

The Walkies Talkies Atex IECEx delivers loud, crisp audio using the latest compander noise reduction technology no matter what environment you are in. Sumersible. Offers the highest submergibility rating of any manufacturer. The Walkies Talkies Atex IECEx from Delvalle protects