Pressurized and Purge enclosures Ex p

Pressurization is generally used for computers that can not be protected by other means, it is large to make it “flame proof” or a power too high to use “intrinsically safe”A wide range of electrical equipment are regularly protected with this technique.Pressurization is a protection method used in hazardous environments such as Zone 1 and Zone 2, to ensure that the inside of an electric enclosure infamable this free gas. Delvalle has a peppex, a perfect solution of pressurized and purge.

pressurized and purge


  • ATEX 94/9/EC
  • EN 60079-0
  • EN 60079-2
  • EN 61241-4
  • NFPA 496
  • EN 50 016

EEUU certifications:

  • UL nema 4x
  • ISA 12.4
  • UL & FM certified: Cl. I, Div. 2, Group A-D. De zone 2 to nonhazardous zone.
  • UL & FM certified: Cl. I, Div. 1, Group A-D. De zone 1 to zone 2.

Atex certifications:

  • Ex II 3G pz IIC
  • Ex II 2G py IIC
  • Ex II 3D pD IIIC
  • Ex II 2D pD IIIC

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