Large Capacity Enclosures for Explosive Atmospheres

The team of engineers specialized in international Atex and IECEx regulations has developed large-sized enclosures for electrical operations in explosive atmospheres with thicknesses of up to 3mm or 4mm. These innovative Atex enclosures are committed to raising safety standards in hazardous industrial environments and revolutionizing the way flammable and explosive materials are protected, with a high capacity to install multiple electrical operations inside.

Large Capacity Enclosures for Explosive Atmospheres

The products from Atex Delvalle includes a variety of large-sized and high-capacity enclosures with Atex certification, which can be customized to meet the specific needs. We offer enclosures made with high-quality materials, obtain enclosures designed for their requirements, ensuring an optimal and efficient solution for sensitive equipment in explosive atmospheres.

Atex Delvalle has extensive experience in manufacturing certified enclosures for use in explosive atmospheres. Their products have been tested and certified according to the strictest standards to ensure safety and regulatory compliance.

The company takes pride in its numerous successful cases, where their custom solutions have proven their effectiveness and reliability. From the chemical industry to petrochemicals and the oil and gas sector, Atex Delvalle has provided reliable solutions to protect electrical equipment in hazardous environments.

The international Atex and IECEx regulations establish the requirements for the manufacture of safe equipment for explosive atmospheres and Atex Delvalle’s large-capacity enclosures.

In summary, Atex Delvalle’s certified large capacity enclosures for explosive atmospheres offer tailor-made solutions for storage and equipment protection in hazardous environments.