Stainless Steel Enclosures for Hazadours Areas

Atex Delvalle stainless steel Ex enclosures for harsh & corrosion environments in Hazardous Areas made in AISI 316l stainless steel – making them ideal for harsh environment applications.

These wash-down friendly, corrosion resistant enclosures maintain a clean, protects contents against water and dust as well as being able to withstand impact to Atex, IECEx and IK10 specifications and extremes of temperature ranging.ATEX DELVALLLE AISI 316L

The corrosion resistant Ex enclosures certified Tribex SeriesLuxorex Series and Geoex Series affords many advantages over traditional unibody enclosures including:

  • A spacious interior with great capacity simplifies connection operations
  • Guaranteed corrosion protection
  • Safe and resistant in hard and aggressive Ex Atex environments
  • Monobloc shape giving perfect sealing and impact resistance
  • Allowing insert mass with external connection
  • Quarter-turn double-bit locks and stainless steel hinges
The corrosive resistant Ex enclosure Tribex SeriesLuxorex Series and Geoex Series designed for demanding environments, which they received from customers in industries, like:
  • Oil and gas
  • Offshore & marine
  • Industry & process automation
  • Chemical and refinery
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Maritime
  • Fieldstations
  • Food and beverages
  • Print industry
  • Air transport
  • Nuclear and renewable


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