Sustainable Environmental Solutions H2

Soluciones Ambientales Sostenibles H2 para Hidrogeneras e Hidrolineras

Atex Delvalle, a renowned manufacturer of custom-made Atex and IECEx electrical enclosures, continues its successful trajectory by providing sustainable environmental solutions H2 for hydrogen refueling stations, making significant progress in sustainability. With extensive experience in certified enclosures for use in explosive atmospheres, the company has positioned itself as a leader in the industry, contributing to the expansion of the rapidly growing liquid hydrogen infrastructure.

As specialized manufacturers, Atex Delvalle offers tailor-made enclosures specifically designed to meet the needs in the field of hydrogen energy. These customized solutions ensure the safety and protection of electrical equipment in potentially explosive environments, complying with international Atex and IECEx regulations.

Atex Delvalle takes pride in being part of the growth and development of the hydrogen infrastructure as a clean and sustainable energy source, guaranteeing the safety and efficiency of facilities in explosive environments.

With numerous successful cases under its belt, Atex Delvalle has demonstrated its ability to provide efficient sustainable environmental solutions H2 in the field of hydrogen. Their expertise spans the manufacturing of Atex electrical boxes and cabinets, including pressurized cabinets suitable for Zone 2 under IECEx certification. These pressurized cabinets offer a safe environment for electrical equipment by preventing the entry of flammable gases or vapors, thus minimizing the risk of explosions.

Hydrogen has become an increasingly popular energy source due to its clean and sustainable nature. It is a promising alternative in emission reduction and the transition towards a greener energy future. However, its storage require precautions due to its flammability where Atex Delvalle plays a crucial role by providing certified customized solutions to ensure the safety.