Atex Displays

We have different types of ex displays indicators with intrinsic safety: fieldbus display and fieldbus indicators, totalizers and serial text displays: these screens provide messages, warnings or suggestions in areas of explosive atmospheres 1 and 21. Atex certified.

These ex devices are elements of intrinsic safety; the intrinsic safety , Ex Displays is very interesting to add our Ex enclosures for Atex areas and explosive atmospheres.

Atex Displays · Atex DelvalleAtex Delvalle
Atex Displays · Atex DelvalleAtex Delvalle
Atex Displays · Atex DelvalleAtex Delvalle

This product has the following certificates

  • Logo Atex · Atex Delvalle
  • Logo CE · Atex Delvalle
  • Logo IECEx · Atex Delvalle
  • Logo IK10 · Atex Delvalle
  • Logo IP66 · Atex Delvalle
  • Logo ROHS · Atex Delvalle
  • Logo UL NEMA 4X · Atex Delvalle
  • Logo 10 year anti-corrosion · Atex Delvalle
  • Logo Chemical resistant · Atex Delvalle
  • Logo Corrosion resistant · Atex Delvalle
  • Logo Scrach resistant · Atex Delvalle
  • Logo Waterproof · Atex Delvalle


We have different types of indicators with intrinsic safety:

  • Fieldbus display and Fieldbus indicators: these fieldbus devices can have up to 8 different variables, with which different values will be measured and calculated, and the fieldbus users’ status information will be provided in a fieldbus network. In monitoring mode, the device monitors the configured bus addresses and displays their specific values. Also, the values available on the bus can be displayed by interconnecting the function blocks in the case of a fieldbus indicator. The status of the process value is displayed with icons or as text in the indicator itself. The device receives power from the fieldbus and can be used in hazardous areas up to temperature class T6. Compatible with FOUNDATION protocol and PROFIBUS PA protocol.
  • Totalizers: they are measuring devices capable of retaining data and quantifying them. And simultaneously, provide information on the accounting of such data. They can also be programmed to act in a certain way when any of the data collected exceeds a previously defined value.
  • Serial text displays: these screens provide messages, warnings or suggestions in areas of explosive atmospheres 1 and 21.

These devices are elements of intrinsic safety; the intrinsic safety method is based on limiting the energy of the possible spark so that it does not occur. This is very interesting in the areas of explosive atmospheres, since in this way, the apparatuses do not need of other elements of protection.

Discover the advantages

Specially designed for Atex environments, these devices are intrinsically safe
Devices capable of measuring and calculating up to 8 variables
Backlight displays
RS232 and RS485 ports and two solid state outputs


  • Comply with the Atex 2014/34 / EU Directive
  • EN 60079-0:2009
  • EN 60079-7:2007
  • EN 60079-11:2012
  • EN 60079-31:2009
  • II1/2G    Ex ia/ib II* T6 Ga/Gb.
  • II1/2D    Ex ia/ib IIIC T80ºC Da/Db
  • Atex certificate for zone 0, 20, 1, 21, 2 y 22
  • Certificates:
    • As component: LOM 14Atex3028U
    • As equipment: LOM 14Atex2082
  • Quality certificate:
    • LOM 14Atex9050
  • Degree of protection: depending on model, up to IP66
Atex Displays · Atex Delvalle




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