Remote I/O Solutions for Ex Areas

ANTARES is BARTEC’s response to industry’s requirements for more economic efficiency, convenience and flexibility in bus systems. The new remote I/O system is installed directly in the hazardous area and Ex areas and offers the same convenience as systems in the non-hazardous area in the minimum of space.


Remote IO solutions for Ex areas


The Rail Control Unit is the central unit in the ANTARES system. It consists of the head module and the connection module. Various field bus and Ethernet-based head modules are available. There is no need to use an isolating repeater to connect them. Redundancy with no single point of failure is achieved by connecting two PROFIBUS-DP RCUs. The head module consisting of the CPU, communication interface and an integrated power pack is produced with Ex d type of protection and inserted into the appropriate connection module.

The Remote I/O Module  8DI-N is operated and supplied with power by means of the Rail Control unit (RCU) ANTARES. This module is suitable for connecting 8 intrinsically safe binary signals in hazardous areas. NAMUR sensors, optocouplers, mechanical contacts or other actuating elements can be connected with intrinsic safety. The hot swap capability allows the electronic unit to be replaced without disconnecting from voltage even in an Ex Areas and Ex atmosphere.


Source: Bartec

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