Reduction of risk with Atex products

The purpose of the Delvalle Atex products is to minimize the risk of an explosion to occur.

What is an explosive atmosphere?

An explosive atmosphere is defined as a mixture of air and a flammable substance in the form of gases, vapours, mists, dusts or fibers, in which, after ignition, combustion spreads throughout the entire unconsumed mixture.

What is an explosion?

An explosion is a sudden chemical reaction of a flammable material with oxygen. In order for an explosion to occur, three conditions must be fulfilled:

  1. Flammable material
  2. Oxygen
  3. Ignition source

Potential sources of ignition include hot surfaces, electrical sparks, open flames and mechanical friction sparks.

Atex products ignition

Risk reduction in general

In all situations where there may be an explosive atmosphere, the following steps should be taken to minimize the risk of explosion:

In practice, however, it is very difficult to ensure that an explosive atmosphere will never occur. In these cases the Atex products directive provides necessary protective measures.

All Delvalle Atex products are clearly marked in accordance with the ATEX directive. They are easily identified by Ex label and Ex icon.

Marcaje atex


The protection Ex e:

marcaje atex proteccion

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