New Regulation IMO

walkietalkieSOLAS Chapter II-2, New Regulation IMO 10.10.4 the mandate designed to improve fire safety at sea

The New Regulation IMO regulation (SOLAS regulation 10.10.4) requires all new ships from 1st July 2014 to equip their firefighting teams with at least two intrinsically safe radios for critical firefighter communications. Vessels built prior to 1st July 2014 need to comply to the new SOLAS regulations by 1st July 2018.

Entel offers a comprehensive range of UHF intrinsically safe portables which comply with the new SOLAS regulations. The following options of Intrinsically Safe Radios are available:

  • Approved Atex IIC range of UHF 1W.
  • Approved Atex IIA range of UHF 2W.
  • Approved IECEx range of UHF 4W.

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