Atex Ex cables

Delvalle have availible different types of Atex Ex cables for athmospheres explosives. Following types:


Atex Ex cables

These cables can, with the appropriate accessories, be used in an explosive atmosphere. ATEX & IECEx. To ensure that these heating elements enjoy a long service life, we recommend using a control device.

Their insulation endows them with the ability to withstand corrosive substances, making these cables particularly well-suited for use in the chemical industry.

Characteristics of the Atex Ex cables:

  • Flame ret Crosslinking made of free polyethylene halogenous XLPE.
  • Inner and outer sheath made of free polyolefine halogenous nonpropagator of the fire Z1-FR-LS-HF.ardant: UNE-EN-60332-1y2; IEC-60332-1y2; NFC 32070-C2.
  • Fire retardant (made on-demand): UNE-EN-60332-3; IEC-60332-3; IEEE 383.
  • Low halogen emission (made on-demand): UNE-EN-50267-2-1; IEC-60754-1;
  • Oils resistant.
  • Ultra-violet light resistant (made on-demand).
  • Resistance to the cold.

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