Dunkerque, Liquified Natural Gas

SENER Ingeniería y Sistemas has signed an LNG contract with Dunkerque LNG, a subsidiary company of EDF, for the development of a regasification plant in the city of Dunkerque, in northern France. SENER has been awarded this EPC contract as part of the TS LNG consortium made up of SENER and Techint.

Liquified Natural Gas
The Dunkerque Liquified Natural Gas regasification plant will have three 190,000 m3 storage tanks and will be able to produce 13 BCMA (Billion Cubic Meters per Annum) of natural gas, equaling a supply of 1.9 million m3(n)/h (cubic meters per hour). It will be equipped with a jetty, unloading arms and pipes, storage tanks, systems for regasification and gas emission, a BOG (boil-off gas) recovery system, a flare stack, a seawater pump system for vaporization, auxiliary systems, and a series of buildings (offices, control buildings, safety facilities, shops, etc.) specifically designed for the operations.
Within the TS LNG consortium, SENER, in close cooperation with Techint, will develop all of the basic and detailed engineering, acquire equipment and build civil-works constructions, buildings, jetty, unloading pipes and the regasification processing plant of the station and coordinate with consortia in charge of Tanks and Tunnel. It shall have many enclosures Atex. It will also conduct all of the activities for commissioning and start-up of the facility. Construction will take place over a period of four years, with the plant being operational in 2015.
This new contract represents the consolidation of TS LNG’s position in Europe as a liquified-natural-gas regasification-plant company. As part of this consortium, SENER is finalizing construction of the GATE LNG Terminal in Rotterdam (the Netherlands), with an export capacity of up to 16 BCMA + 20% peak, and with four storage tanks. This project, which is also being developed as a turnkey project, is a benchmark in the European gas sector, one of the main energy projects in the Netherlands and a technological showcase on an international level.
As with the GATE Terminal, the design of SENER’s Dunkerque plant will pay particular attention to four main aspects: security, the environment, availability and versatility of the operation.

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