Dong Energy Awards Dragados Offshore 4 Jackets

Dragados Offshore has announced the award of a contract by DONG Energy for delivery of four substation jackets for its Hornsea Project One Offshore Wind Farm. The 1.2 gigawatt Hornsea Project One Offshore Wind Farm will be located in the United Kingdom, approximately 120 km east off the Humber. Once completed it will be the world’s biggest offshore wind farm. The project consists of 174 wind turbines (each of 7MW), connected to three offshore collector substations and a reactive compensation substation, the latter one located between the offshore wind farm and shore.

The Offshore Collector Substations transfer power from the incoming wind turbines’ medium voltage cables to high voltage, exporting it via the reactive compensation substation (RCS) onto the National Grid. The purpose of the RCS is to compensate for the reactive power generated in the wind farm power system.

parque-eólico-marino offshore

The scope of work awarded to Dragados Offshore is the procurement and fabrication of the jackets and piles of three Offshore Substations and a Reactive Compensation Substation. Included enclosures of Stainless Steel AISI316  anti-corrosion for maritime environments and Atex enclosures. Dragados Offshore will initiate the project immediately, and delivery of the jackets is scheduled for early 2018.

The contract is considered a major milestone as it initiates Dragados Offshore activities into the offshore wind industry, and continues to consolidate Dragados Offshore’s leading position in the offshore market.

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