As part of our expansion plan, Delvalle engineers have participated in an exhaustive training ISmATEX 2 on Electrical Certification and notified by INERIS.

A few months ago, we have announced our new line of cabinets ATEX (Ex-zone). When we began the project, we were sure about the three pillars that we should reinforce with the experience that we have gained during the 40 years we have in this field:

  • Processes
  • Technology
  • People

Adapting processes and work protocols in order to accomplish this strict ATEX normative has been hard. However, it brought a reward, the certification of our new product line under this policy, the most demanding and rigorous, and in a record time.

Investments in technology and equipment are an essential part of Delvalle policy of reinvestments. It does not mean a special effort to us: it is a basic rule for our proceedings, an action line fixed in our DNA from the very beginnings of Delvalle.

It is in our professional team where we wish you to put your attention. A team that has not only grown in number but also acquired the specialized knowledge needed. Our Department of Engineering has been completely reorganized and updated to the most demanding regulations so that the knowledge and experience we can provide is optimal. For example, two engineers from our team have received comprehensive training on the Electrical Certification “ISmATEX” which is concerned on the selection and assembly of ATEX appliances, revision and inspection of ATEX equipment, and a complete compendium of specific materials which makes us proud of enjoying a privileged position of leadership in ATEX electrical enclosures normative.

We believe this new field is an important step in the history of Delvalle, as it allows our company to participate in one of the most competitive and specific markets. Our contribution to facilities where we have worked is essential and it requires a plus of knowledge and confidence that we are able to offer to our customers. An evidence of this is the fact that several petrol companies, gas and mining companies have contacted us for requesting a guide on international and very important projects.

We understand that we are on the right way, and in a few weeks we will announce more news about this field.

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