Delvalle Ex cable sealing system

Delvalle Ex cable sealing system is certified according to the ATEX directive and the IECEx, International Certification Scheme, for use in areas where explosive atmospheres are likely to occur.

Roxtec Ex e products are designed to prevent ignition of explosive atmospheres. Typical applications are Ex e and/or Ex tD classified electrical enclosures, such as transformers, motors, generators and junction boxes.

The protection Ex e means increased safety, and the protection EX tD means protection by enclosure for explosive dust atmosphere.

Some of the potential industries that are likely to be affected by the ATEX directive include:

  • Petro-chemical and chemical industries
  • Mills, concrete plants
  • Spray booth plants
  • OEM producers intending to supply to areas where the ATEX product directive applies
  • Silo works
  • All other industries where areas have been zone classified according to marked areas in the chart below.

Equipment not included under the ATEX product directive:

  • Seagoing vessels and mobile offshore units together with equipment on board such vessels or units, as they are already covered by the IMO Convention. Note: Oil or gas platforms which are fixed are not excluded from the directive.
  • Medical devices intended for use in a medical environment.

Sealing modules for use with Roxtec Ex frames. The Roxtec technology based on removable layers, for perfect adaptation to different sizes of cables. When used with a solid core, the module functions as a spare module for future capacity.

Ex frame is a metal frame available as a single opening, or in combinations with several openings in width and / or height.

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